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Episode 1 - "Nervous yet semi prepared"

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Nervous and rocky start while trying to pull up the facebook chat room

Beenie’s mum turned 50 and she surprised her with a surprise party

And beenie went to a gig

Goldy is having a gaming holiday.

Beenie was very nervous leading up to the launch of the first show, and asks “when were you most nervous and why?”

Beenie’s time was when she packed up all her things and moved overseas. Goldy’s time was when he organised his 21st and he also gets nervous around work bosses.

Beenie’s 21st was hero/villains

19min 45sec First Segment - “What's trending”


We shared our dog stories:

Goldy grew up with 2 x toy poodles, both still alive living with his mum.

Beenie’s housemate has a toy poodle and gloats that she has a dog but doesn't have the responsibility of having a dog.

Beenie’s mum gave her a choice growing up either get a dog or get a pool.


Beenie didn't know what bitcoin really is

Goldy explained his understanding

35min 30sec Second Segment - “Now on Netflix”

Goldy’s pick Netflix original “The Innocents”

Goldy is interested in the body swapping concept

Beenie might get sucked into the love story

Beenie’s pick Netflix original “The Dark Tourist”

Beenie is intrigued by the different type of tourism

Goldy sees the dangerous hype

Subtitles were brought up, pros outweigh the cons

Goldy used to dislike them, now loves and need them

Beenie has also been converted

Beenie gave herself some homework before next show - watch season 1 of Dark

Beenie brings up netflix ads

Goldy is ok with ads about other netflix shows

1hr 5min 40sec - Third Segment - “Meme of the week”

Beenie didn't pick one this week

Goldys pick:

Beenie didn't get it at first

1hr 9min - Fourth Segment - “That's worth a kick”

Beenie fell in love with “vector”

Goldy thought it was a cool project

1hr 18min 14sec - Fifth Segment - “Poll of the week”

What's your favourite fast food chips/fries?

Beenie’s is Oportos then hungry jacks

Goldy couldn't decide but realised maccas fries are the worst

Goldy plays around with some sound effects

Chatroom linked an old video of Goldy attempting to twerk

Beenie couldn't stop laughing

We nearly forgot about our launch giveaway

Goldy hadn't worked out how to pick a winner from 2 chatrooms



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