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From light bulb moment to live action

The Goldy and Beenie podcast will go live in the next week or so, and as word spreads and we get our setup organised it's all becoming a reality. It was only 2 months ago when Goldy proposed this idea to me, I immediately agreed to it, sounded like a fun hobby we could work on together and keep us busy. At first I was nervous, this is all new to me (check out our "About Us" video - for our practice run of being on camera) but as everything is falling into place, I'm becoming more excited every day and can't wait to go live!

From the initial suggestion of starting a podcast to where we are now has been quite an interesting journey. Goldy has the tech aspects under control, lucky for me because when it comes to computers I couldn't even tell you how to plug a monitor into the box. Other than that we've both thrown some ideas around and got our creative juices flowing to get our brand up and running.

It all started with the logo design, it was super fun comparing what we liked and didn't like, getting people's opinions and without really knowing it, setting our colour scheme for all to come. Next was social media accounts and the beginnings of the website creation, then setting up our tech - getting the webcam just right and making sure we can take live calls/chat on the show. We had a photo shoot out and about in Sydney to put the finishing touches on the website, where we scrubbed up a bit better than our second time on camera (About Us video) featuring holy trackie pants and shaggy hair, a taste of the real us in our natural habitat.

When our show kicks off, we will be live Mondays at 6am. We will be discussing all sorts of topics, whatever we've heard about during the week, whatever comes to mind, the sky's the limit! We welcome any questions, ideas and feedback. A big part of this show for us is interacting with YOU! Can't wait for you to join us once we kick off live :)

Beenie x



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