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New show!

An announcement:

To our amazing viewers:

After much discussion over the past few weeks, we have decided to make some changes to our live show time slot. As most of you know, Goldy and myself are shift workers which means we work during the night and our days off each week are constantly changing. Originally the 6am (AEST) time slot was best for us to consistently bring a show to you the same time every week as most other podcasts/shows/streams would. However, this has taken a toll on us and after 4 months of broadcasting the show after a night at work, sometimes already having been up for 15 hours prior to starting the show and scrambling to get show notes together, we have realised that we haven't been bringing the best of us to you. We want our viewers to experience Goldy & Beenie at our peak, not while feeling exhausted and winding down at the end of our day.

How does this affect the live stream?

What we have planned for the show is to stream live on a different day each week, usually falling on our rostered days off work, to bring our best show to you. This will allow us to prepare and bring you better quality content as well as fresh, fully awake and enthusiastic Goldy & Beenie. This also means for the show...GUEST HOSTS! Our planned time to live stream (although different days each week will be the same broadcast time) will be 8pm AEST.

How to find out what day the broadcast is each week:

If you have us on social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat - you will be hearing from us constantly for promotion and updates prior to show day! As well as this you can always check out our website for more details, I'll be blog posting prior to each week's show so you'll know when you can join us live. Don't forget you can always contact us for details via any of our social media outlets, on our website or via email -

A side note for now:

We have decided to take the next two weeks as a break from the show so that we can regroup and organise this new format for the Goldy & Beenie live stream. We can't wait to be back on your screens in two weeks time after a much needed rest!

For any questions please contact us, we would love to hear from you in the meantime :)

Goldy & Beenie x



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