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When you fall, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and do it all again

An interesting start to our second episode this week, plenty of stress and panic as we scrambled to get ourselves organised to stream on time. Finally, running 25 minutes behind schedule we made it to air! Behind the scenes, it all went wrong: while testing our microphones and videos for sound, the audio settings were all out of whack and not set correctly for the show. Then Goldy opened up our broadcasting software only to find it had expired, so he purchased it on the fly. Once the software had been restarted we find that it had deleted all of our streaming sources and had to set it back up from scratch. The rocky start threw us a bit, but after a few minutes and some banter with our chat room we got back into the swing of it.

Although we were much calmer than our first show, this week we seemed to be a lot less organised and prepared even though we didn't really know it at the time. Afterwards we both realised we missed a few things we were wanting to show and talk about but exhaustion kicked in and bed time called.

As promised on episode 1, I did watch all of "Dark" on Netflix. I binged heavily, completing my task within 24 hours of starting. I went with subtitles over English dub as on our Facebook poll the votes for subs smashed dubs out of the park and although it was exhausting it was worth it. I even picked up a few German words on my own and was impressed with myself. I'm definitely looking forward to season 2 as so many questions were left unanswered. But what I really want to know is "does your curiosity outweigh your fear?" In movies, TV, theatre and even books people are constantly doing things that I would never do in my lifetime. Yes, this is for the sake of drama and entertainment but in real life would people really do this? I know there are the daredevils out there but for the rest of us - would you ever go into that dark cave? Personally, I would not. Is it that when you're a child you have no fear, you haven't experienced the world and all of the horrors within it? As an adult, maybe you've learned from your mistakes and now you know better.

My choice of trending Twitter hashtag of the week was #WhatOldSchoolMeansToMe and our viewers threw out some good ones! Tamagotchi and the Sex Pistols were mentioned as well as Goldy's memory of his first Gameboy and as for me, I loved listening to the radio and recording songs on to a cassette tape. Remember when you used to listen intently to the radio waiting for your favourite song to come on so you could press record on your tape player and have that song on repeat for days and weeks to come?

With all of the pre show stress, Goldy ran out of time to take a bathroom break before we began so he killed the buzz and had to leave mid stream (pun intended). I was alone on camera for about a minute and I definitely realised I could not be a solo show host, I'm the type of person that works much better with another person to bounce off. Although I felt extremely awkward by myself on camera, I did find out a super cool fact about one of our viewers at the time. He told me that he was live in Sydney Harbour, driving the ferry to Manly. Pretty awesome stuff!

We had a request last week to feature the "Paradise PD" trailer, after watching it I felt it looks a bit silly for me but I might give a couple of episodes a go as it has been compared to the style of "Rick and Morty" which I am a fan of. Goldy's choice of trailer was "Ghoul" which looks way too creepy for me and my choice of the week was "American Vandal". At the time of this post, I've already binged and finished AV season 1 and I thought it was very well done. Up for discussion on the show next Monday.

Our feature topic for the week was ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) which is something that Goldy and I only learned about throughout the week and we both took an interest in. We discussed it on the show and even had a go at some ASMR triggers on our super strong microphones. We had a bit of a giggle and lots of fun doing it, but I'll leave it at that for now because I'll be writing a more in depth blog post on this later.

And now I leave you, show prep begins for next week and we will definitely be learning from this past experience. Can't wait for round 3, I expect it will be our best yet.

Beenie x

Our studio revamp, there will be plenty to feast your eyes on next episode!



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